James Robert Baker
About JRB
Birthday: October 18
Film School: UCLA
Awards: Samuel Goldwyn Award at UCLA
Favorite word: Anarchy 
Unexpected Character in one of his books: Catherine Deneuve “Because I always wanted her in one of my books”
Unusual Writing Aid: Taping himself acting out the dialogue for his books to get the flow and realism right.
Video Links

Blonde Death

Mouse Klub Konfidential

Self-tape sessions
Boy Wonder
Crucifying Todd
Fuel-Injected Dreams
Right Wing
Tim & Pete
White Devils

Desert Women
Summer and Sweat
Trouble with Skipper
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When I met Jim, “lasmartboy” was his screen name on AOL. I was drawn to his sense of humor, the fact that he considered himself smart in an era where dumbing down and self-deprecation are considered virtues, and I was attracted to his no-holds-barred commentary.

Jim was born in Long Beach, California. From a very early age he knew he would write, and focused much of his attention toward that goal. Nothing got in his way, not drugs, alcohol or any outside influence kept him from his work. He wrote Monday through Friday, from around 10 in the morning until about 5 in the evening, accompanied by his trusty cat, Fred, doing any necessary research, absorbing the news, and really, the cultural zeitgeist.

This website is dedicated to his memory and the promotion of his works.

--Ron Robertson